The current Board of Directors seats eighteen people, fifteen alumni members and three ex officio student members. Members of the Board are elected to three-year terms and are eligible for reelection indefinitely. The Board meets biannually in the fall and spring semesters. Meeting dates and times are published prior to the meetings on the Foundation's Facebook page.

President: Michael Kolb (Di, 1990)

Vice President: Patrick Wooten (Phi, 1993)

Secretary: Charlotte Stewart (Di, 2003)

Treasurer: Roger Kirkman (Di, 1973)

Legal Counsel: Keith Kapp (Di, 1976)

Ex Officio Joint-Senate President: Isaac Warshauer (2015)

Ex Officio Dialectic Society President: Clarke Martin (Di, 2017)

Ex Officio Philanthropic Society President: Sasha Gombar (Phi, 2017)

At-Large Members:
Steven Allen (Phi, 2009)
Brian Brigman (Di, 1989)
Wayne Goodwin (Di, 1989)
John Greenbacker (Phi, 1967)
Edward "Tex" Harrelson (Phi, 1990)
Everette James (Phi, 1959)
William "Bill" McNairy (Di, 1983)
John O'Connor (Phi, 2011)
John Sanders (Di, 1951)
Jeffrey "Jeff" Smith (Phi, 2008)
Scott Tillett (Phi, )